Brings greater convenience to outdoor sports

Brings greater convenience to outdoor sports

Bone conduction headphones are particularly high-tech. While listening to music and talking on the phone, you can also pay attention to the surrounding environment, which is more convenient and safer. Recently, I have experienced the South Carolina Bone conduction Runner Chic Bluetooth headset. As the second generation OF CC series, the headset has been upgraded in five aspects: leakproof sound, battery life, material, waterproof and sound quality. Let's take a look.

The Naenka Runner Chic is packaged in a black pull box with the LOGO of High Wind On the front and the product parameters and related information on the back. The box contains a custom-made bracket for the Naenka Bone-conducting Bluetooth Headphones Runner Chic, magnetic charging cable, earplugs, and instruction manual. Earplugs are mainly to improve the sound insulation effect of listening to music at ordinary times, and the material of earplugs is soft and comfortable.

The Runner Chic, south Carolina, has an integrated titanium frame and has been upgraded to an aviation grade material that greatly reduces the weight of the airframe. At the same time, the fuselage is flexible and has high strength. Even if the fuselage is bent 360 degrees, it will be fine, giving full play to the performance of titanium alloy. The surface material is medical-grade waterproof silica gel covering, which is not only more skin-friendly, but also waterproof upgrade.

The Runner Chic features a Naenka logo on the left side and two metal contacts on the inside right. These are the metal contacts that are used to charge the phone. This charging design makes the headset much more waterproof, enabling it to achieve IPX6 water resistance. This time, the South Carolina Runner Chic comes with a magnetic charging solution that is easy to use. The capacity of the battery is still a 150mAh lithium battery, which takes about 100 minutes for a full charge and can be used for six hours continuously with a standby time of 10 days.

Runner Chic has a function button on the outside, an on/off button on the top, a volume increase/decrease button on the bottom, and an indicator between the two buttons. I prefer the physical button.

Quality aspect, Runner Chic second generation headphones equipped with bluetooth 5.0 chip, signal stability is good, 10 meters barrier-free speed connection, collocation of the large size of bone conduction speakers at the same time, the master of music in Toronto, more superior sound quality, can let you feel the rushing of music and the power, the bass is thick, medium frequency fine, high frequency through the open. At the same time, the headset also has the technology of eliminating sound leakage. The combination of hardware and software control improves the sound quality. The closed structure optimization technology is adopted to greatly suppress the sound leakage.

In the actual experience, Runner Chic headphones are very suitable for outdoor running or walking. They can listen to music and communicate with people around at the same time. They are very stable in sports wear and not easy to fall. In addition, super waterproof performance, even if the sweat is not afraid, even wearing swimming is not under the words.

In general, the Naenka Runner Chic has five major upgrades: leakproof sound upgrade, battery life upgrade, material upgrade, waterproof upgrade, sound quality upgrade, compared to the previous generation of this headset is more light, to bring you more convenient outdoor sports, the Naenka Runner Chic is really a good choice.

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