Bone conduction futuristic technology powered- best budget bone conduction headphones choice

Bone conduction futuristic technology powered- best budget bone conduction headphones choice

Reading Bone conduction futuristic technology powered- best budget bone conduction headphones choice 6 minutes Next Naenka Runner Chic - Best Budget Bone Conduction Headphones is all about freedom!

As a regular runner and sports addict,  I run every day, but running is too boring, so I want to buy a high-quality sports headphones! Which sports headphones on the market is the best? After many comparisons, I acquired a Runner Chic Bone conduction headphones from Naenka. After using it for a period of time, I was successfully occupied. I ran with the headphones, immersed in my own music world.

After receiving the package, I couldn't wait to open the package, which contained a decent black box with the brand logo, model and other information marked on the package box.

I found the Naenka Runner Chic headphones firmly lodged inside. At the same time, also intimate with a pair of anti-noise earplugs, with charging lines and instructions.

The Naenka headphones are mainly business black, made of aviation grade materials, weigh only 27g, and are combined with skin-friendly food-grade silicone. I put it on my ear for a while, and it is close to the skin and has a soft touch. It does not hurt me when I exercise and sleep.

High strength titanium alloy rear hanging material, can withstand many times of bending, no deformation phenomenon, give people torsion skeleton, no matter how the children in the home to torment it. This South Carolina Runner Chic earphone subverts the traditional earphone and adopts bone conduction technology, that is, the sound is transmitted to the auditory nerve through the skull and jaw, completely skipping the outer ear and middle ear, creating an innovative ear wearing method. Such benefits are that wearing for a long time will not affect the hearing, and improve the safety during exercise.

I put the headphones on my ear at will and wear it in a simple way at one go. Don't think this way is easy to shift. With the ergonomic design, it will not fall off or shift even if it jumps greatly. At the same time, the earphone is firmly on my ear, so I can clearly hear the sound transmitted in the earphone, even if THERE is no obstacle for me to communicate with the people around, which brings a comfortable way to wear the earphone and enjoy the exercise time without obstacles in communication.

The Naenka Runner Chic headphones upgrade with new technology while inherits a practical design. It is equipped with human physical buttons, I can switch music outdoors with one hand, adjust the volume, blind operation design allows me to one button control. In addition to upgrading the bone conduction technology, the headphones also include a large bone conduction speaker. When I play music, I can feel the penetration of high frequency, the crisp and smooth of middle frequency, and the deep and rich bass in the music, bringing the sound quality close to the scene. At the same time, after my personal test, I found that it has a microphone. In the outdoor, even if there is a phone, it does not need to dig out the phone, but directly answer the phone through the earphone. The headset has built-in HD noise cancellation technology, which allows you to receive calls clearly even in busy cities.

I used to wear traditional headphones, which often affected the quality of communication and caused problems in signal transmission. But since I've been experimenting with the Naenka Runner Chic headphones, I've found the sound quality to be excellent, thanks to the innovative Bluetooth 5.0 chip, ceramic antenna and signal enhancement that make signal transmission and reception more stable, even in a crowd.

When I listen to the phone with headphones on, people around me cannot hear the sound delivered by my headphones, so as to protect their privacy. After all, Naenka Runner Chic headphones adopt the design of the combination of hardware and software to control sound leakage, and build Naenka sound leakage elimination technology, so as to avoid inferior speaker amplification and enjoy the audio world of solitude.

In addition, what surprises me more is that it can connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time and achieve seamless switching operation. For professionals, it can efficiently handle different tasks and receive communication from different devices. In the connection of devices, there are no brand and software restrictions, both can connect to the iPhone, and can connect to the small group of devices. So you don't have to worry about that.

Wearing this Naenka Runner Chic bone conduction on the long journey home, in the long 6 hours, the headphones kept the battery operation as usual. As expected, the large 150mAh battery is so powerful, and the Bluetooth 5.0 low power chip can extend the battery life of the earphone.

As a professional sports headset, the Naenka Runner Chic headphones are waterproof, and traditional headphones inevitably have gaps and clean corners. This headphones belong to the design of magnetic suction charging, saying goodbye to the charging tank, using the mode of one suction can be charged, creating a fully closed structure, complete interface without dead Angle, so as to effectively avoid the infiltration of rain, bring good waterproof design

Even when I sweat during exercise, I no longer worry about cleanliness and service life, which makes my exercise time more wanton and free and easy.

After using this Naenka Runner Chic bone conduction headphones, I found that when I fell in love with sports, I no longer felt that sports was a lonely and long thing, but opened sweet music to feel my own solitude time. For a taste of the dark tech of sports headphones, get started with the Naenka Runner Chic , the best budget true bone conduction headphones.

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