Naenka Runner Chic - Best Budget Bone Conduction Headphones  is all about freedom!

Naenka Runner Chic - Best Budget Bone Conduction Headphones is all about freedom!

In the past, I used to run with a TWS headset, but the environment of our community is mixed with cars, and a row of cars parked on the side of the road occupied half the lane, so I had to hide from cars when running. If I wore a TWS headset, I could not hear the surrounding sound, which was not safe.

So I bought a Naenka Runner Chic bone conduction headphones as my essential running gear. The reason why I choose it is firstly because the bone conduction headphones do not block the ear canal, which improves the safety while running. Secondly, this headset has a high cost performance, light and small, and good sound quality performance. Today I will share with you my experience with the Naenka Runner Chic bone conduction headphones.

Since Naenka began to produce bone conduction headphones it has launched a number of different models of products, and Runner series are more suitable for running earphones, several generations of products are getting better and better after continuous optimization, the Naenka Runner Chic bone conduction headphones are the latest generation of bone conduction earphone products of Naenka.

Not much has changed in appearance, the headphone has been changed back to a round design, its water resistance has been enhanced, its charging mode has been changed to magnetic suction, and its overall weight is only 27 grams. In terms of battery life, it has also been upgraded with a built-in 150mAh battery, which can last about six hours in a single use.

The lightweight design of the Naenka Runner Chic bone conduction headphones  also enhance the stability and flexibility of the metal. The high-strength titanium alloy rear hang can be knead and bent in the hand, without breaking or deforming, and can be restored to its original appearance.

The control area has also become more three-dimensional, with the three buttons protruding very clearly. The touch of the plus and minus sign is very clear, so it is convenient for blind exercise, even if you don't look at it, you can know which button you are pressing.

As the most important part of the headphone, the Naenka Runner Chic bone conduction headphone features a dedicated bone conduction speaker with a large moving coil design that delivers excellent sound quality. Sound loss control is also an important component of bone conduction headphones, and South Carolina's sound loss elimination technology is designed to protect the privacy of the user.

To this end, I took a look at the inner structure of the headphone head and saw that it is very different from the internal structure of the traditional headphone. After all, the speaker of a bone-conducting headset converts audio into a vibrating frequency that is transmitted to the ear through the bone, so the structural design is unique.

Finally, the actual experience. In terms of wearing feeling, the Naenka Runner Chic bone conduction headphones are lightweight, so it will not add any burden on the ear. Even if I wear glasses, it will not compress the ear and cause painfull experience.

Regardless of the left and right to turn the head will not feel uncomfortable, running is very stable, crazy shake off. The control area is just behind the ear, easy to find and easy to control. The only inconvenience I feel is that if I put on headphones and glasses and then wear a mask, when I take off the mask, the mask belt will always be intertwined with the headphones and glasses legs, which makes it difficult to disconnect.

In terms of sound quality, bone conduction headphones are designed with open ear canal, so they cannot get the pure listening experience like in-ear headphones, but their safety is incomparable. Daily use of the South Carolina Runner Chic bone conduction headphones are not a problem, as long as the environment is not too noisy can get a decent listening experience, but the sound of the headphones should not be too loud, too loud headphones will become more vibration, which will make the ear itch.

Overall, the Naenka Runner Chic bone conduction headphones are a great way to run. After all, you wouldn't normally listen to music with bone conduction headphones. Its advantage is that when running or cycling, it can not only appreciate the music, but also make the ears open to feel the environment, which is very safe for users. So if you're also a runner or cyclist, this is a great gadget to try!

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