Years of technical accumulation from the Naenka Acoustics Lab

principle of bone conduction

Sound waves travel directly to the inner ear through the vibration of the skull without passing through the eardrum, which is also one way people hear their own voice, called bone conduction. When you eat a cookie, you can hear the cracking sound because the vibration is transmitted to the inner ear through the teeth and skull.

Naenka AF all-shock directivity technology

Naenka adopts AF full shock directivity technology, which directly increases the effective vibration area of the vibrator (sounding unit), so as to subvert the traditional bone conduction headphones and improve the sound quality and volume without affecting the pitch sensitivity and earphone wearing comfort. It allows users to obtain a more advanced and comfortable sound quality experience.

 More importantly, the all-shock directivity technology breaks through the years-old technical bottleneck of mediocre sound quality caused by traditional bone conduction alone relying on vibrators to produce sound, and has unprecedented technical advantages in terms of quality performance, vibration experience, and scalability.

Brand History

Naenka Acoustic Lab

Naenka Acoustic Lab was established to focus on acoustic technology research.