Gray Naenka Runner Diver Model Bone Conduction Headphones
Comparison of old and new Naenka Runner Diver bone conduction headphones for swimming
Features of the Gray Naenka Runner Diver Bone Conduction Headphones for Sports
Gray Naenka Runner Diver sports bone conduction headphones have 16G of memory
Naenka bone conduction headphones have a unique vibration optimization
Naenka bone conduction headphones for swimming use skin friendly materials
The Naenka bone conduction headset has Bluetooth 5.3
Swimmer wearing swimming bone conduction headphones enjoying music by the pool


Updated Runner Diver Bone Conduction Swimming Headphones

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New Version: Based on customer's suggestion, we have upgraded the Runner Diver’s Bluetooth to 5.3, and replaced it with an integrated silicone case. The MP3 mode supports more file formats and customers can choose sequential or random playback. Accessories had been added to enhance sound quality and protection of the headphones.
Professional Waterproof: IP68 wireless sports headphones, waterproof and dustproof features make them ideal choice for sports enthusiasts. Whether swimming, diving, running or cycling, Runner Diver is your perfect sports companion. (Note: Signal transmission will be affected underwater, only MP3 mode supports underwater use; MP3 mode with our waterproof earplugs will provide you with the best swimming experience.)
Open-ear Design: Naenka bone conduction headphones are different from traditional headphones’ design. They use vibration to transmit sound all the way through the cheekbone to the inner ear, minimizing the damage to your hearing and guaranteeing you a healthier way of listening. While keeping in touch with the external environment at all times, Runner Diver ensures you safety and brings you the enjoyable hearing feast.
Super Long Playback:  Naenka Runner Diver sports headphones adopt magnetic fast charging technology, which can be fully charged in 1.5 hours, and can be used for 10 hours at 60% volume, fully meeting your needs for headphones outdoors. Simple operation can switch modes, songs, and increase or decrease volume at level which makes you enjoy wonderful music anytime, anywhere.

Skin-friendly & Comfortable: The surface of the headphones is made of soft silicone material, which will not hurt the ears even when worn for a long time. The headphones weigh only 35g, light and portable, very suitable for indoor and outdoor sports, daily exercise, or business trips.

Customer Reviews

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Updated Runner Diver Bone Conduction Swimming Headphones

Verner Keel
No battery charge level indicator, microphone not waterproof

One star is missing because there is no charge level indicator. Bose headphones announce the charge level on every power-up, which is highly convenient. The second star is missing because, thanks to the microphone, there is a non-waterproof hole which you can cover with a flimsy red thing included. Is the microphone essential, though? Who needs to hold conferences while swimming, diving or running? Ideally, you could offer a microphone-free version as well.
Otherwise, the headphones are surprisingly fabulous. It's a unique sensation to listen to your favourite music and simultaneously hear the wind, footsteps or water splashes coming in. The price is very competitive for the quality offered.

Dovrtel Jan
Best headphones - Naenka Runer Diver

- Really best buy for me
- As an CNC machineist i can now listen to my machine and allso to music together!
- I come home from 8h job and i see 60% battery left.
- When you pair phone to it... next time you turn it on you will EMIDIATLY hear 3 words one by one... Power on, Bluettoth mode, Bluetooth connected. It works realy fast with this connections.
- I sit in a car and music goes on a car speakers, after i left a car it connects back to headphones.
- Under shower music goes louder and bass get stronger becouse of water conduction for sound.
- I didn't try to swim jet but i think it must be same filing.
- No one yet sad that he dont hear me when speaking on phone, allso next to machine.
- Running is the best becouse you hear cars or people to say "hi"
- It's really fredom with this

- Only thing that you will notice is a bit less SUB Bass... Electronic music or Drum'n'bass music have a bit less that really SUB base, but i don't miss it becouse all other sounds are great. If you listen to other music you will be happy

Really great product and better than competition becouse you got bluetooth, mp3 player and water resistant for swimers

Really best buy for me, this is what i was looking for many years

Thank you Naenka

And i got it 2days late but uderstand it's from other part of the world to EU

Safe sports headphones

This headphones allow me to listen to music while swimming and go out for a run without worrying about sweat or rain damaging the headphones. You can use the headphones via Bluetooth connection, or download music directly to memory, and I've downloaded hundreds of songs I love! I really like that they are bone conduction headphones, which allows you to hear the outside voice in any situation.

Good experience

I have used it for around 2weeks, so far no issue, able to connect to Bluetooth n played Mp3 well with ample storage for a lot of songs. Only thing I'm not used to is wearing it as it's different from other headphones, but kinda getting used to it already. Also the volume might be muffled compared to earbuds or the usual headphones. Overall good user experience and a good purchase. Got the carrying case free as part of Halloween promotion. Prompt customer support.

Swimmer wearing swimming bone conduction headphones enjoying music by the pool

Swimming headphones

Runner Diver has IP68 waterproof, can be submerged in two meters of water for two hours.

Naenka Runner Diver Waterproof Headphones Underwater


Naenka Runner Diver with IP68 waterproof which is the highest level of waterproof are especially designed for swimming. You can use it under water as deep as 2 meters without decreasing headphones’ performances. Please use the MP3 mode while swimming since the Bluetooth mode cannot be used underwater.

cycling headphones

The headphones can fit with your cycling glasses and helmet perfectly, the design of them keeps you in touch with your surroundings, ensures riding safety, and is less affected by wind noise while riding than traditional in-ear headphones.

Naenka bone conduction headphones won the Red Dot Design Award

Technical Aesthetics

The Runner Diver bone conduction headphones were designed by several engineers over several months, combining comfort, practicality and technological aesthetics, and won the 2022 Red Dot Design Award.

Naenka swimming headphones can be connected to a computer and can directly transfer songs

Internal Music Storage

Connect to computer via magnetic charging cable, dive into your workout with 16GB of built-in TF storage, holding up to 2400 songs. (TF mode only supports files in MP3/M4A/WAV/APE/FLAC formats)

Parameter comparison


Play Time:
BT Version:


10 Hours
Bluetooth 5.3
Bluetooth/ TF Mode


8 Hours
Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth/ TF Mode


6 Hours
Bluetooth 5.0
Bluetooth Mode


6 Hours
Bluetooth 5.3
Bluetooth Mode



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Yes, Naenka Runner Diver is specially designed for swimming, We enhanced its water resistance. You can get rid of Bluetooth and mobile phones to enjoy music in MP3 mode.

Naenka Runner Diver has both a Bluetooth mode and an MP3 mode, while the Aftershokz headphones can only perform one of these two functions.

The sound quality of bone conduction headphones is not as good as that of earbud headphones due to the different ways in which sound is transmitted and produced.