About Naenka 

General Information:

Naenka is rapidly growing throughout the global overseas market with its channels reaching 26 countries and regions. These countries include, but are not limited to, the USA, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Australia, Korea, Japan, Singapore, India, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Naenka's products are committed to excellent quality, comfortable wear, style, and pushing technology in the space forward. Since Naenka's launch in 2017, we have launched a variety of industry-shaking products including the Naenka TWS True Wireless Bluetooth headset, the Naenka Runner Bone Conduction Headphones, and Naenka neck-hanging Bluetooth Sport headsets.
Our Story:
Quality sound is something that takes time, dedication, and an understanding of the experience that users want when they listen to their favorite artists. More than just sound, your headphones become an accessory, a statement to the comfort and style you expect from well-made audio hardware.
As an industry, we have progressed well beyond the days of having to carry around a 12-kilogram boombox over the shoulder. But our story at Naenka begins in 2010 with the founder and CEO, Andrew Guo. Andrew had enough of headphones that were uncomfortable, cheap, and made for neither listening, style, or purpose.
Andrew began with the end in mind, designing a product as if he were the first user... this process turned out to be lengthy and full of repetitive trials, but Andrew knew it would be worth it. You see, Andrew is an athlete. He loves sports, enjoys climbing, cycling, and swimming. With his passion as a baseline, Andrew designed a product that provided the endurance necessary to accommodate his active lifestyle - enter the Naenka Sport series.
Through Naenka, Andrew has designed products that support the user's habits at an affordable price. Through the help of technicians and a focus on research, Naenka continues to push the boundary of Bluetooth technology and comfort forward. At our core, Naenka is more than just headphones. We believe that it is our responsibility to provide the service of quality and musical appreciation to those everywhere.
In the spirit of service, we provide domestic sports teams custom-developed headsets and commit 10% of our annual sales towards researching and developing the next best product. Some of our primary research focuses include the verification of titanium-alloy shells, combatting sound-leakage, and otherwise continuing to advance the technology available for our industry.
Although we are committed to design and purpose, we focus equally on the sound quality of our products. Through a collaboration with Toronto-based Musician William Arnaldo, Andrew and Mr. Arnaldo tuned Naenka products to various music styles, chasing after the purest sound available to listeners.
Our Vision:
At Naenka, we believe that music is a monologue of the soul. Music gives people the ability to escape into a world of their own creation... and we want to be right there alongside them. Through the use of our engineering and a strict inspection system, Naenka has worked to deliver users with a purer, more infectious sound.
Through our practices, Naenka has established itself as a brand that transcends national boundaries. Our roots are inspired by the industrial design of Northern Europe, the settling style of Southern Europe, and a brand strategy that comes from global brands you already know and love.
Through our inspirations and commitment to pushing the technology forward, Naenka envisions itself as the superior audio brand focused on both quality and delivering comprehensive value to music lovers everywhere.
What NAENKA and Andrew are doing Now - A focus on the future...
Today, Naenka is positioned as a benchmark for leading the bone-conduction headset technology forward. This revolutionary design, although new, is something we believe should be synonymous with "high quality Bluetooth headsets."
Our modern lineup of products includes TWS Bluetooth headsets and neck-mounted Bluetooth headsets. Both Andrew and his team at Naenka are committed to strengthening these technologies by reducing costs and making its production more environmentally friendly. Naenka's current focus in moving forward is designing products that enrich people's communication and life.
In moving forward, Andrew is prepared to lead Naenka to the next best thing of audio as we focus on developing products for young people. We believe that our process is strong as we attract media attention from both domestic and foreign outlets.
Audio truly is a monologue of the soul, and Naenka is prepared to give your soul the best voice of expression possible.